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Our 'Mystery Blend'... Well this one truly is a mystery.  You'll never know what you will get.  A great choice if you cant decide what you want, and would rather just have something picked for you at random.  But this blend is much more than that.  It is not just 1 strain chosen for you at random, it is a mixture of several strains blended at random ratios to truly give you a one of a kind experience that will not be duplicated again.  You might get a mixture of 2 strains, and sometimes you will, or it could be a blend of 3 or more strains.

Each order will be different and not replicate-able.  Some will be uplifting and some sedating, and some all around in between.  Some to the extremes, and some just a gentle mid-range burn.  A great way to switch it up if you are getting tired of the same old thing.



(1 is weakest, 10 is strongest)


Energy:  varies

Sedation:  varies

Pain Relief:  varies

Grind:  varies



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25 Grams -  $10.80
50 Grams -  $21.20
100 Grams -  $41.40
300 Grams -  $113.20   
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