Wicked Kratom is a unique kratom store that sells kratom capsules, liquid, and powder. Furthermore, you can also buy other miscellaneous products from their shops such as tinctures and bath bombs.

Though, this brand is specifically known for its Green Vein Kratom, and other primary color varieties. Do note Wicked Kratom is now called, ‘Wicked Tea Company’. Still, a big number of old-time buyers know it as Wicked Kratom.

While the company’s name is now changed, its quality is still the same. Wicked Kratom continues to offer high-quality kratom for sale in all honesty and diligence. Hence, it is one of the most trust-worthy kratom companies in the US.

As for its products, Wicked Kratom obtains them all from Southeast Asian countries. These countries are the hub of kratom, and hence the kratom products that come from here are 100% genuine.

Furthermore, just like the ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ store, Wicked Kratom also deals with the best farms in Southeast Asia only. All in all, this kratom vendor seems to care a lot about quality and value.

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