There are countless kratom brands in the US. But what sets the OPMS Kratom apart from other vendors is their incredibly attractive branding and advertisements. Overall, this brand reflects seriousness and dedication.

But are their kratom capsules as good as the ones that ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ sells? Well, good and bad is a subjective thing. But one thing that we cannot deny is that ‘Green Leaf Kratom’ offers a wider range of kratom for sale (suitable for those with diverse preferences).

Though, OPMS Kratom products are quite popular in certain localities in the US. You can find their products in most of the smoke shops, gas station shops, and headshops.

With that, OPMS Kratom is among the oldest kratom vendors in the US. This brand came into being in 2009, and since then, it is operating successfully. Possibly, they are doing something right.

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One notable thing about OPMS Kratom is that this brand sells liquid kratom and extracts along with capsules too. Though, their kratom strains are generally expensive. Yet many long-time kratom enthusiasts seem to be a fan of it.

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