Gaia Kratom, later known as Gaia Ethnobotanicals is a kratom brand that came to life in 2015. This year, a big number of other kratom stores also popped up. However, many of these stores did not really survive that well.

However, the Gaia Kratom store seems to be doing quite well. And it has already become the favorite of many people who regularly buy kratom in the US.

Gaia is quite an interesting name, considering the fact that it comes from Greek Mythology. This has helped the brand quite well, as a big number of people seem to recognize it now.

For some reason, Gaia Kratom later went through a complete rebranding. Today, the brand is referred to as Mitragaia. And many kratom enthusiasts call it just, ‘Gaia’ – the store with amazing kratom for sale.

Nevertheless, a big number of people look for information related to this brand on Google. However, they usually do not find anything substantial. After noticing this, we decided to write about this brand in our kratom blog.

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These topics can help you make better decisions when you are planning to buy kratom strains from our store, or from Gaia Kratom. Along with that, our kratom blog is also full of some amazing guides that can increase your knowledge of kratom.

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