Soon on this page we will be outlining the exact steps to take to create a Bitcoin account and get it funded.  We’re going to break it down as simply as possible.  Once you have your Bitcoin account (called a “Wallet”) funded, you will be eligible for 25% off every single order you place with us.  Not hoops to jump thru and no fine print.  Just simply 25% off each order that you use Bitcoin for payment instead of a credit card.   And occasionally, if we’re running a Bitcoin sale, we may offer even higher discounts than 25% off — last November we did a 50% off Bitcoin-only sale!


If you already have a Bitcoin wallet and know how to use it, you are eligible for the Bitcoin discount now. 
Just follow the easy steps below to order!



How To Order Thru Bitcoin and receive 25% off:

***Do NOT come thru checkout!  Checkout is only for credit card customers.


1)  Add the items to the cart that you would like so you can get the total (or if you’d rather do it the old fashioned way and write it on paper and add it up manually that is fine too – whichever is easiest to get your total).


2)  Subtract 25% for your total  (You can do this by multiplying your total by 0.75).  Send the 25% discounted payment to the Bitcoin address below.

For example: If your total on the site comes to $164. To find the 25% off price, simply multiply $164 by 0.75.  (164 x 0.75 = $123).  Your new discounted total is $123.


3)   After sending payment to our Bitcoin address below, email us your order items and your shipping address.   That’s it!      


Our email:  orders@greenleafkratom.com


Bitcoin address to send payment to:          19n1YA3xk3JUJpWK2X47UpEtV3iAt6S4yU


***** Leave ALL notes/comments areas completely BLANK!  (Very important! Do not type anything in the notes areas!) *****

Email us know after payment is sent and we then email you your shipping details and tracking info.

Most Bitcoin orders ship same-day if placed earlier in the day.