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We are a kratom company located in New Jersey, USA. We deal exclusively with kratom — not with a wide variety of botanicals. And for that reason we are able to solely dedicate all of our time and resources into seeking out the best kratom we can possibly find. We search high and low for the highest quality leaves to pass on to you at the best prices possible. Matched with our excellent service and quick delivery, we are sure you will be pleased with our company, and with our products.








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         Finally back in stock…..  Yellow Sundanese!




New shipments have arrived!

Now available!     New shipments of Green Maeng Da and Maeng Da (Red Vein)!  


New shipment of Vietnam now available!


New shipment of Red Malay now available!


New shipment of Green Malay now available!


New shipment of Pleasant Green Bali Supreme now available!


New shipment of Horned Leaf Maeng Da now available!



To be made available soon….. 

Green Riau, and a new White Maeng Da!



Shipping delays…….  (UPDATED!)

  Most non-Express (free Priority or First Class shipping) orders will ship the day following being placed (1-day delay).  A small percentage of orders may ship 2 days after placement.  (Monday-Friday).

ALL orders shipping via USPS Express will ship out the same day as placed (3PM ET cutoff)



US ban info:

The Comments period is now over (ended December 1st).  Next thing that will happen is the FDA will release an announcement with their intentions on what they are going to do with kratom, whether they plan to schedule it or not.  We’ve heard multiple different stories…. We heard the FDA must reply to each and every comment (there are over 20,000!), we’ve also heard they only need to read them.  And we’ve heard they can disregard them altogether and do what they want.  We’ve also heard rumors that kratom is safe for at least another year and a half (undocumented stories).  We’ve heard they can ban it now with 24 hour’s notice.  We’ve heard they need to do the 30-day notice all over again when they plan to schedule it.  It seems no one really knows the truth and we’re all kind of just playing the waiting game.     It’s the holidays… the government doesn’t usually get too much done this time of the year, so we don’t expect anything major to happen until at least January.  We will see….

As soon as we know something we’ll post it up here.    Happy Holidays GLK family!!

–  GLK





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To Order:

Do NOT come thru checkout!   Email us your order items and your shipping address, and send payment to the Bitcoin address below.      Our email: orders@greenleafkratom.com


Bitcoin address to send payment to:          1DZXJvuJpNGc2Y7ncEQ3QE7nz2beXHjdBw


***** Leave ALL notes/comments areas totally BLANK!  (Very important! Do not type anything in the notes areas!) *****


Let us know after payment is sent and we then email you your shipping details and tracking info.

Most Bitcoin orders ship same-day if placed earlier in the day.


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Info on how to purchase Bitcoins….   https://www.buybitcoinworldwide.com/en/buy-bitcoin-credit-debit-card





The ‘Overall Quality Ratings’ for each strain are finished and posted!!!

And a bonus ‘Grind’ rating!

* These are comparisons between each strain of our current inventory, comparing one strain against the rest of them – to give a better general idea of the quality and texture of each individual strain.

*These ratings will change, may go up or down, with every new shipment of that strain we get in.








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