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Red Riau is a mild kratom strain with a very slow and easy come up.  Red Riau kratom, at the right doses, will create a buzz which can be extremely good for pain relief.   The effects of our Red Vein Riau kratom share the stimulating qualities of our Indo kratom, but with much less intensity.  And also the bodily relaxing qualities of a Bali strain.  The taste of Riau kratom is a good bit lighter and sweeter than other strains of kratom.  It can be a good choice to those who find the taste of other strains difficult to stand.

Slightly less energetic than our Green Riau.



Green Leaf Kratom's Effect Ratings:

(1 is weakest, 10 is strongest)

Energy: 5.5

Sedation: 6.5

Pain Relief: 8.5



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